Our Mission

To bring more care to more people through honest, gotcha-free financing.

Why we exist.

We’re here to help providers focus on what really matters: the patient right in front of them. And while we can’t promise every procedure for every person, we’re here to get as close to that as humanly possible.

How we do it.

We bring simplicity, transparency, and accessibility to healthcare financing through a one-application process that approves up to 90% of credit applicants. Call us crazy, but we think people should be able to get the care they deserve.

“I built the dream machine I wish I’d had when I was operating my DSO.”
Brenden Kensel Image
Brendon Kensel
Founder & CEO, PrimaHealth Credit

Our Story

Our founder, Brendon Kensel, previously owned and operated an orthodontic DSO in Southern California. He tried to finance as many patients as possible but was frustrated with low approval rates, clunky solutions, and the need to try to manage payment plans for patients that did not qualify for a prime credit loan. Determined to improve the patient experience and offer a total patient finance waterfall, he founded PrimaHealth Credit.

Join our Team.

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