For Patients

Affordable Financing Options

Get the treatment you deserve™

Flexible Financing Solutions

Affordable Payment Options

Benefits to Patients

Instant Credit Decisions
Use a simple mobile application to receive instant credit decisions, and if approved, several payment options.
High Approval Rates
Spend less time worrying about getting approved and more time focused on getting the treatment you deserve.
Affordable Monthly Payments
PrimaHealth Credit and your provider make fitting healthcare procedures into most budgets easier and more affordable.
We’ve Got you Covered
With this credit program, you can cover most of your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, including insurance deductibles.
No Surprises
PrimaHealth Credit, working with your provider, offers affordable financing options with no surprise rate changes.
Get the treatment you deserve™

Get the treatment you deserve™

An affordable way to fit healthcare procedures into most budgets.
  • Instant Credit
  • High Approval Rates
  • Affordable Payment
  • Flexible Payment
  • Easy-to-Use Platform
  • No Surprises!

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