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Payment Platform for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Addiction treatment clients and their families are increasingly responsible for a greater share of healthcare expenses as high deductible plans become commonplace and as health insurance reimbursement is reduced.

Addiction treatment providers are struggling to offer viable payment plans and are ill-equipped to gauge credit worthiness and manage collections.

Serve More

PrimaHealth Credit’s payment platform enables clients and their families to pay for out-of-pocket expenses, with affordable monthly payments. This helps more clients afford the care they need.

Maintain Compliance

PrimaHealth Credit helps addiction treatment providers maintain compliance with payors, and meet certain regulatory requirements, with a valid and documented effort to collect co-pays and deductibles due from clients.

Payment Management

We manage all payment servicing and accounts receivable, so you don’t have to, and payments are submitted to you as they are collected.


Our proprietary credit analytics engine instantly assesses an applicant’s ability to pay.
Addiction Treatment Finance

Affordable Payment Options

Provider Benefits

Accept More Clients
Affordable monthly payment plans enable clients and their families to access the care they need.
PrimaHealth Credit helps DSOs better assess a patients ability to pay.
Reduce Risk
Proprietary credit analytics engine helps assess a client’s or their family’s
ability to pay.
Maintain Compliance
Provides a valid and documented effort to collect co-pays and deductibles.
Reduce A/R and Administrative Costs
We manage payment servicing, accounts receivable, and credit reporting.
PrimaHealth Credit Better assesses a DSO's patient's ability to pay!
Improve Collectability
The payment obligation is to a finance company, which increases the patient’s propensity to pay.
Real-Time Reports
Detailed online reports are available to provide a complete view into payments, receivables, and other portfolio details. All reports are downloadable in Excel.

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